Friday, May 17, 2013

Sorry been a bit...

Well... I made it to my first mini goal, -20lbs gone!!  It's funny though how I perceive myself as being different.  I know the scale says 20lbs which in my mind sounds like a crap load of weight!!  But when I look at pics of myself I don't see the change.  My clothes are fitting a bit different but not what I would think 20lbs would be!?  I thought my pants would be falling off but they aren't!?  I know I still have another 40 to go, I'm 1/3 of my way to goal which is awesome!!!  I feel thinner in my mind but when I look at pics or in the mirror I don't see the difference. 

I took before and after pics, I honestly don't see the 20lbs difference but a lot of people have said they can see it.  I should be able to meet my next mini goal of being under 200 by Jacobs birthday (mid June) and then after that my mini goal will be my 1/2 way point, which should be in July.  If I'm really lucky and stay on track I would like to be 2/3 of the way by my birthday (mid Sept). 

So I planned on posting my pic... but I can't figure it out??  I have it saved as a pdf but can't figure out how to get it on this blog?  :s  I'll work on it and hopefully be able to post one soon! 

In the meantime, things are still going well.  I have increased my workouts a bit and I'm trying to stay more busy at home (which is easy now that it's summer).  I don't feel deprived about having shakes for breakfast and lunch and really enjoy having dinner with the family.  I have also started doing a 36-44 hour cleanse instead of the 24 that I was doing before.  They are a little harder to do but I'm hoping it will speed up the weight loss a bit.  So I am onto my next 20lbs to loose, which will hopefully take me till my birthday in mid Sept.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

2nd round of 30 days :)

So I finished another round of Isagenix, this month was a bit easier but in the same breath I had a few more cheat days there fore not getting a huge loss as I hoped but this is a life style change and more then just a diet so I think it is ok to have a day off once and a while as long as you re focus and get back on before things slide too much. 

For this month I only lost another -3.4lbs and about 6", which is still great!  It works out to about a pound a week, could be better ... could be worse  ;)   

However my grand total is .... -17.4lbs and 18" for 8 weeks!!!  :D   It's hard for me to think that I almost lost 20lbs!?!  Seems like such a crazy number and then I look in the mirror and, even after loosing almost 20lbs I still look fat and giggly!?  WTF??  Then I do the math, realize I have to loose 'just' 20lbs 2 more times to get to where I want to be.  Doesn't seem so hard, the first 20 seemed pretty easy to loose but then I remember, the first month you always loose the most so it will probably take me another 5-6 months just to drop 20 more pounds, 2 more times. 

The journey to get to where I want to be seems like it's so far away, I need to just keep focusing on the small milestones.  I'm sure I'll be there before I know it... I hope  ;)  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

lost track of days on Isa :s

So, I can't remember what day I'm on or how many weeks it's been but I am still on program and following it pretty good most days.  Last week I failed at my cleanse, I just gave up half way through.  I probably could have managed but it was harder then most cleanse days.  I have learned though since then that if you have a high carb meal the night before the cleanse tends to be harder.  And I had a "last meal" before my cleanse day that was high in carbs.  Guess I won't be doing that again!  LOL 

So today is cleanse day again and I thought I would give a 2 day one a try or at least a 36 hour one.  So I actually started last night, then I will go through today like a normal cleanse day and keep going tomorrow morning. I will probably have supper tomorrow night though so it won't technically be a full 2 day one but longer then normal. 

I hurt my back on Sunday night.  Not sure what I did, everyone keeps asking!?  I did some yard work in the afternoon, made some doggy cookies that required me to use a rolling pin (which was kinda hard work) and then went in the hot tub with Jacob to relax before bedtime.  It's when I got out of the tub and tried to bend down to dry off Jacob that it hurt.  It hurt a lot!!  I could barely sleep that night then Monday I came to work but made a appointment with a chiropractor for that afternoon.  I saw him yesterday but he didn't do any adjustments, he sent me for x-rays first.  Tomorrow I will get my first adjustment and hopefully it helps!! 

I can't do boot camp tonight because I'm scared it will hurt my back more so I'm hoping that I will be able to attend on Thurs, after my adjustment. 

Other then that I am still trying to drop another 10lbs by Jacobs birthday, June 16th, which should be totally do-able since that is about 6 weeks away!  If this 2 day cleanse does what everyone says it should (drop more lbs quicker and the 2nd day is easier) then I will probably do more of them.  Oh - And I also changed my shake to the Isalean Pro instead of the regular, it has more protein in it which is great for when I have my work out days and will hopefully keep me feeling fuller longer  :) 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Still truckin' along :)

WOW! I have been really bad at posting!!  I can't believe it is already April 16th and I am half way through my second 30 day Isagenix round!?  This month has felt easier but that means it also has come with challenges.  I feel like I am 'testing' this diet, seeing just how far I can 'cheat' the diet before it doesn't show me results!?  Not sure why I am doing this but I do believe I do it often on many diets so I need to nip that in the butt!! 

I started my second 30 days at the beginning of the month, after Easter and things are going well.  But the past two Saturdays I have had nights out with the girls which involved a bit more snacking then I normally would and some drinks.  So far these weekends haven't effected my weight loss with a -1.2lb loss for both week 1 and week 2!!  So I am officially down -2.4lbs for this month so far.  And a total of -16.4lbs and about 15" on week 6 of Isagenix!! 

I am on another cleanse day today and it is going well, my last cleanse day was great!!  I wasn't grumpy or moody at all and barely had any hunger!?   I can already tell that I am going to be grumpy later (it's only 10am and I am already on edge - lol).  However I kind of look forward to cleanse day now, it's like setting the clock back to start.  Which is probably why I have been testing my limits with cheats lately.  So lets say on the weekend I had 2-3 drinks of wine and we went to the Chinese buffet (which I did do - shhh)  Today I can rid of those cheats and start with a clean slate.  BUT!!  If I didn't do those cheats I would probably be much further ahead then I am?  I need to stop trying to cheat the system, I need to save my cheats for one day at the end of my 30 day round. 

Today I tried the E+ energy shot, it's like one of those small bottles of 5hr energy things.  I have never had a energy drink/ shot of any kind before so this is new to me.  The flavor has been described by others as being similar to jagermeister, which I would have to agree with.  It's suppose to taste like apple pomegranate.  I don't feel much different so I'm not sure it did much at all but it was free in my last order so I thought I would try it.  Don't think I will ever order it!  :P  

Hopefully I will post again before the end of this 30 day round, Thursday is weigh in day so I will see how my cheats have effected that? 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

30 day results!

So I finished my first 30 day Isagenix cleanse and I am fairly pleased with the results.  I am surprised at how easy the plan was to follow most days and how quickly the month went by.  So my results are ....

 -14lbs and 12"

I have noticed a big difference in my waist/ tummy area and will take pics to post, I'm sure there is a huge difference.
I know I said last week that I wasn't going to do cleanses this month cause they were too much and I felt like I would binge after a cleanse but today I am doing a cleanse and I might even try to do a 36 hour one and go to supper tomorrow evening. 

Easter weekend was like a cheat weekend for me, that I really needed to nip in the butt.  But it was nice to have a couple cheats and not be so focused on diet.  Now I am back on board!!  It's not like I was eating tons of chocolate bunnies but I feel like I ate more then I should have and I did have a few drinks Saturday night.  Then last night I had my last cheat (McDonald's) so now I feel like I NEED to do this cleanse to get back on track. 

So, I am now onto my next 30 days and hopefully another 10lbs!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Almost done my 30 days!

I can't believe my first 30 day cleanse is almost over!~?  It seemed to go by so fast!  Today is Day 27 and it has gone fairly well.  I have my 4 week weigh in tomorrow then there is still another 2 days till its 30 days, I don't think the 2 days will make much of a change but I will weigh and measure on the 30 day (Saturday).   One of the hardest things I have had with this diet is not jumping on the scale every time I am in the bathroom to check my progress, but that is my own doing and has nothing to do with the actual diet itself. 

Yesterday was my 4th cleanse day and I would have thought that they would get easier the more you do them when in fact I found that the first cleanse I did was by far the easiest.  Last night I almost didn't make it through the entire day, I had to have some serious will power to not eat something.  It made me think that maybe cleanse days aren't the best for me.  Only because I know that if I didn't do shakes the next day I am the type of person that would binge after a cleanse because I felt like it was somehow owed to me?  Like a reward for doing a cleanse and the freedom when you are done to eat all the things you couldn't the day before (which in my life turns into a binge).  I haven't binged after a cleanse... yet, but I really wanted to last night! 

There fore, I have decided that I am going to do next month with no cleanse days, just my regular shake days.  I don't think this will effect my weight loss too much, I don't expect to loose as much in the second month anyway (my goal would be 8lbs).  Then for my third month I will go back to having a cleanse day and see which I like better and which way works best for me. 

This weekend is going to be a little difficult for me, Thursday we are planning a pizza day at work, which is OK - I will just have my shake for supper instead of lunch and I am going to boot camp anyway so I should be able to burn that off (as long as I don't over do it!?)  Then my MIL wants us to come over for supper Friday and Sat night, which should also be OK (it just means I don't have to worry about cooking) and then she wants to go for brunch on Sunday!  It just seems like a lot of 'eating out' even though 2 of those meals will still be home cooked, just not by me!  ;)

Friday, March 22, 2013

just another day

Well, today is just another day - however I am off early today so I plan on doing a bit of shopping after work !!! :D  I am officially hooked to Davids Tea and now want to go get more, more flavors, more cool mugs and a fancy spoon to measure (even though I could prob just use any spoon).  I also need to pick up the second book in the series I have started (Divergent) Its a simple "teen" book but that is how I like them.  At the end of the day I just want a simple good book that requires no thinking but still has a good story line.  

On a side note I wanted to share a couple sites I have been enjoying lately, and both have books coming out soon - which I think I might have to buy!  :) 

This blog is funny and I like the crappy drawings lol  another one of my favorite blogs lately is  it has a bit of foul language but I'm OK with that  ;)  

Not much else new, diet wise things are good.  I haven't done boot camp all week so I'm feeling extra lazy and need to burn some calories but the weather is crappy lately so I can't take the dogs for a walk.  I think this weekend I will move furniture around and do a super clean of the house.  Considering I still have some Christmas/ winter decorations up!?!